Private Residence


Private Client

Client Location

La Jolla, California

Client Objectives

A landslide on the hillside below a private La Jolla residence destroyed a portion of the rear yard and presented a potential threat to the house. Landslide repairs were needed to preserve the site and restore use of the house and yard areas.

Project Details

Landslide damage repaired with slope stabilization and retaining wall.
Concrete shear pins were installed in two rows across the landslide, on the slope below the residence, and a tieback anchored shotcrete wall was constructed to stabilize the headscarp of the landslide and protect the rear yard and house. The shear pins and the shotcrete wall were combined as a system to stabilize the landslide. Coordination with landslide repairs on the neighboring properties allowed heavy equipment access and reduced costs.
The photo shows the partially completed shotcrete wall.